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a³ Release 18.10

New targets and compilers ------------- ● aiT for ARM now supports Cortex-M0 [...]

a³ Release 18.102018-10-17T00:09:08+00:00

CompCert Release 18.10

New features ------------ ● New versions of the isel/usel builtin functions for [...]

CompCert Release 18.102018-10-17T00:04:13+00:00

AbsInt TimeWeaver for TriCore

TimeWeaver estimates the worst-case execution times of tasks by combining local timing [...]

AbsInt TimeWeaver for TriCore2018-08-02T22:25:10+00:00

a³ Release 18.04

New targets ----------- ● StackAnalyzer, ValueAnalyzer, TimingProfiler now available for S12Z. ● [...]

a³ Release 18.042018-05-03T18:19:38+00:00