MDK-ARM Version 5.26

Release Date: 10th September, 2018

  • [uVision updated to V5.26.2.0]
    • Improved Event Recorder performance and stability
    • Enhanced System Analyzer displaying RTX5 RTOS threads and thread events as well as long-term and cursor marker based energy measurement (ULINKplus).
    • Added support for flash programming of Microchip SAML11 devices using debug sequences from the pack description instead of flash programming algorithms loaded into and executed from on-chip RAM.
    • Updated PackInstaller supporting configuration of individual pack versions from local folders. This simplifies the workflow during the development and test of packs as it avoids the processing steps for pack generation and installation.
    • Updated uVision’s Customize Tools Menu … with an Export/Import capability for sharing tools menu customization across PCs via a file.
  • [ARM Compiler included]
    • Included Arm Compiler 5 version 5.06u6 – same as in MDK – Version 5.25: see Release Notes for further details.
    • Updated Arm Compiler 6 to version 6.10.1: see Release Notes for further details.
      Note: This release of the Arm Compiler 6 resolves the licensing issue caused by the Windows 10 update V1803. All previous versions of Arm Compiler 6 fail to checkout a license when used with Keil Single-User or Keil Floating licenses.
  • [Software Packs included]
  • [Target debugging]
    • Updated: Segger J-Link debug driver to version 6.32i.
    • Updated: STMicroelectronics ST-LINK debug driver to version adding option for integrated firmware updates.
    • Updated: P&E Micro debug driver to version 6.83.
    • Updated: NULink driver to version 2.04.6725.
  • [Supported Operating Systems]