Learn How to Get More Out of Tracealyzer

Welcome to Tracealyzer Hands On!

When you are stuck with a tough debugging problem, you may turn to Tracealyzer to gain insights into your system and hopefully solve the problem. This has led to Tracealyzer gaining the reputation of being a great debugging tool; However, Tracealyzer is so much more than that.

In our new blog series, which launches today, we will examine many other ways that developers could be using Tracealyzer besides debugging. Click Here For More Information…

Events and tips

  • Synopsys ARC Processor Summit takes place in Santa Clara, California, on 11 September and Percepio will be there. CEO Johan Kraft holds a presentation in the morning and we have a stand with Tracealyzer on display – and some great news to tell.
  • Wanting to build more secure code? Erich Styger’s Execute-Only code in GCC toolchain contains some neat tips.
  • FreeRTOS technical fundamentals is a great primer for anyone interested in RTOS architecture. It’s about FreeRTOS but much of the info applies to RTOSes in general.