Developing an IOT Application with Chip-Level Security

If your company is looking to build a product that needs security on the processor, they might want to have a look at the Microchip SAM L10 and L11 series.  This application note ( describes how to partition and use the secure and non-secure domains of Microchip’s Arm Cortex SAM L11 device in Arm MDK.

Application notes:

Programming Microchip SAM L11 in ARM KEIL MDK Tutorial

Microchip SAM L11: Armv8-M TrustZone® Lab With the SAM L11 Xplained Pro board Using Arm® Keil® MDK 5 Toolkit

Microchip SAM L10 Cortex-M23 Tutorial; the SAML 10 Xplained Pro evaluation board KEIL MDK 5 Tool Kit