DS-5 Change Log version 5.29

Arm Compiler

  • Updated Arm Compiler 6 to version 6.10.1, adding support for latest processors, optimizations and bug fixes

DS-5 Debugger

  • New processor support for Cortex-A76 (Ultimate) and Cortex-M35P (Professional)
  • Debugger support for CoreSight ELA-600 Embedded Logic Analyzer
  • Support for Arm Debug Interface version 6 (ADIv6)
  • Support for integration of third party debug probes
  • Operating System awareness for Keil RTX5
  • Target system autodetection using ULINK2, ULinkPro(D) and CMSIS-DAP debug probes
  • Performance improvements when connecting to many core systems
  • New device support for:
    • Arm Musca-A Board Cortex-M33 (SSE-200 subsystem)
    • Marvell 88f8040
    • NXP i.MX8M EVK
    • Arm Fixed Virtual Platforms:
      • Base Cortex-A76
      • MPS2 Cortex-M35P

Simulation models

  • Updated Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs) to version 11.4
  • Added Base_A76x1, Base_A55x4_A76x2

Arm Streamline Performance Analyzer

  • Updated Streamline to version 6.7
  • Support added for Cortex-A76 (Ultimate), Mali-G76, Mali-G52 and Mali-G31 allowing Streamline to be used with the latest Arm cores
  • RTX5 Bare-metal example added to show how to instrument an operating system
  • Added support for comparing and merging captures together to see if optimizations have improved system performance
  • Hardware counters can now be selected and added when the trace is running by dragging them onto the trace
  • Support added for systems that have up to 128 cores allowing Streamline to be used with Arm servers
  • Non-root support greatly improved to add:
    • Sampling information for the user’s application
    • CPU hardware counter information
  • Support for call stack unwinding from userspace gatord captures

Mali Graphics Debugger

  • Updated Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD) to version 4.9.3
  • Full trace replay support has been greatly improved:
    • OpenGL ES 3.2 support has been added so that all OpenGL ES traces can be replayed back on the target
    • Multi-context support has been added to replaying traces back on the target
    • Mali Graphics Debugger can automatically upload traces onto the target to be replayed


  • Added bare-metal examples for Cortex-A76
  • Added examples for Keil RTX version 5 RTOS
  • Added use-case scripts for ELA-600 to the DTSL examples
  • Added a multi-core primes example for Cortex-R8