Nordic nrF52 PCA10040 Cortex-M4 Tutorial

Application Note 308

Nordic nrF52 PCA10040 Cortex-M4 Tutorial

This hands-on tutorial demonstrates using the Nordic nRF52 PCA10040 Cortex-M4F processor and Keil uVision IDE. The Keil Blinky examples activating LEDs with and without Keil RTX tickless RTOS are included with your MDK-ARM installation. All examples are compliant to Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS 5.0). Serial Wire Viewer trace, ITM, ETM Trace (which provides program flow debugging, Code Coverage and Performance Analysis), Logic Analyzer, memory reads and writes and the Event Viewer are shown.

The nRF52 PCA10040 Evaluation board, which includes an on-board J-Link adapter for downloading and debugging, and a USB A to microB cable are required. Optionally, a ULINK2, ULINK-ME, ULINKplus or ULINKpro debug adapter may be used. The ULINKpro and ULINKplus adapters provide the best Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) performance and support Interrupt handling and timing display.

For more information regarding these files, see APNT_308.PDF.