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Ottawa this Quarter – A quarterly snapshot of the employment landscape


What is LMI?

  • LMI 101 for Employers
  • LMI 101 for Service Providers & Job Seekers
  • Understanding LMI Tutorial
    • A self-guided tutorial geared toward youth but relevant to all

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Sector Spotlights

Local Reports – Detailed reports on the top 12 industry sectors in Ottawa, including sub-sector information


Top Jobs & Demand

  • Ottawa’s Top JobsAn overview and infographics for 30 top jobs
  • Ottawa’s Top TradesAn overview and infographics for 20 top trades
  • Quarterly Job DemandA report on local job demand 

Ottawa’s Workforce

  • The Ottawa PictureDemographics, labour force and employment numbers
  • Population SpotlightsReports on specific segments of the population, including equity groups

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Find Out More

  • 2018 Ottawa Labour Market Plan
  • Provincial LEPC LMI Strategy
  • Other Publications
  • Additional LMI Sources

Magnet – Partnership

Magnet Export Business Portal, built with support from the Government of Ontario, helps businesses quickly find programs and services for which they are eligible. Magnet pro-actively curates and filtering current content from the Ontario Ministry of International Trade, Global Affairs Canada, Business Development Bank of Canada, and Export Development Canada.