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Management of Change

Change heightens workplace tension, creating impasses, delays, and needless conict. Click here to see how change management can lead to smoother transitions

Approach & organizational assessment delivered within the context of a political environment

  • Customized implementation methodology
    • Consolidation of the vision
    • Turning the vision into reality
  • Customized internal communication strategy
    • Novelty tactics
    • Engagement Plan
    • Communication Plan & Feedback mechanisms
  • Customized training approach
    • Pilot studies
    • Video validation
    • Targeted classroom delivery
  • Trouble shooting ‘change’ resistance; mitigating communication gaps

Change intensies organizational politics. Managing change is no longer a ‘nice to have’ it is a key core competency. Research suggests that change agents who avoid politics are less likely to succeed in their roles. In other words, the change agent who is not politically active will fail. Successful implementations require change agents to be able and willing to intervene in organizational political processes, to inuence decisions and to cope with resistance – all without damaging one’s reputation. A project is not a project until it is sold both technically and politically.

Political skill is required to attract resources and support.


Professional competence will get your ‘idea’ heard, but it’s political competence that will get your idea implemented.


Taking charge of change!  Change is multi-faceted. Informing and motivating employees is only half the battle; incorporating new behaviors and reaching a sustained level of performance involves a new set of leadership tools: inspiration, clarity of direction, support and feedback.


The most difficult first step in pursuing change, in any form, is to achieve a common picture.  It is a challenging task but arriving at a ‘shared vision’ creates a cornerstone and sets a path forward for further ‘execution.’


Workshops focus on increasing employees’ awareness and understanding of positive politics and how a change environment exacerbates organizational politics.  Politically savvy managers are skillful at achieving their goals and managing their careers. Politically competent employees are adept at staying on the organization’s radar.


A personal approach to enhancing an employee’s career success.  Sessions are designed to enhance personal growth and business skills by focusing on change leadership and political competencies.