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About Dr. Wendy O’Connor

Dr. Wendy E. O’Connor is a social psychologist, specializing in organizational politics. She founded Executive Spin Inc. in 2002. As a strategist within the executive and communication domains, she is noted for bringing both academic and practical work/life experience to her client approaches.

Since 2002, she has been involved in the delivery of executive assessment and leadership coaching. Dr. O’Connor’s strong analytical skills are evidenced in her dynamic and multi-dimensional business transformation strategies. A key ingredient for success is her ability to operationalize a vision. The vision then acts as a catalyst for change, promotes focus, and allows for clarity of action. Her change communication methodology has proven to be successful in both national and regional implementations, and in specialized environments such as policing and engineering.

During her career, she enjoyed many roles with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). As a TV producer-director, and a radio/television announcer, she covered many controversial and sensitive stories. This operational experience, coupled with her academic expertise, has strengthened Dr. O’Connor’s skills as a critical and innovative thinker.

Dr. O’Connor is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University (BA), received her MSc from Memorial University, and PhD from Carleton University.

Our discussions have proved very useful, they have influenced my approaches and thinking vis-à-vis office relationships.


Best training course I’ve taken since joining the Public Service.

Your course is the most useful I’ve taken since coming to Ottawa over 20 years ago. I’ve recommended it to a colleague and a friend of mine. By the way, I’ve made it through to round 2 of the interview process for that job, we’ll see how it goes!


The more I advance, the more I learn and realize how important it is to play the politics!

Your teachings have changed me like you wouldn’t believe. When I hear myself start saying “I can’t do this…”, I stop myself right away and think about what I can do to help myself. I’m having coffee with the CIO in a week.