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Executive Spin is about empowering you!

Executive Spin is focused on giving you the strategies, tools and tactics you need to confidently navigate organizational life.

We all have agendas and we all want career success…  however, more often than not, success is directly related to how good we are at reading and influencing an environment filled with multiple, competing agendas. As you step gingerly along that rocky road to success, how do you begin to level the playing field?

As a start, legitimize Positive Politics!

  • Accept that a successful career is absolutely more than just hard work and talent.
  • Accept that those with political savvy are able to manage how people treat them and their ideas.
  • Accept that practicing positive politics is a win for both you and the organization.
  • And finally ask yourself – Are you OK with taking a backseat to politically adept coworkers?

How does political intelligence translate into day-to-day operations?

  • Defending a budget.
  • Fighting for resources.
  • Positioning a ‘change agenda’ to get the attention of others outside the normal comfort zone.

Empirical evidence has repeatedly demonstrated that adopting a political savvy approach and practicing positive political behavior are key to sustained managerial success. Executive Spin helps you become the savvy and influential leader you deserve to be.